TA is a non-profit organization whose purpose is
    to promote, support, and stimulate scientific
    research, innovation and the sharing of
    knowledge concerning transosseous
    surgical techniques


    2022 EDITION
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Transosseous Academy Association President: Prof. Alessandro Castagna

Transosseous Academy Vice President: Dr. Claudio Chillemi

Transosseous Academy is growing year over year and invites anyone who would like to know more about transosseous to join its events.
Once again, the format includes a mix of competences to be shared.

Being an open society, we welcome your contributes and highly recommend to share your experiences.

Don’t miss the opportunity to ask some of most transosseous expert in the world.

Welcome to Transosseous Academy 2021

Lima – Perù – 2021

Dear colleagues, We are glad to announce the first Transosseous Academy (TA) edition in Latin America.
Next year TA Edition will be hosted in the amazing venue of Lima (Perù).

The growing interest about Transosseous is spreading all around the world and it is now time for TA to land in Latin America.

We are thrilled to expand the territories TA is gathering success and reputation and the growing exchange of experiences between different countries is one of the main driver TA is pursuing and pushing.

TA and its scientific board are working, as usual, to create an exciting program that will be, as in our tradition, filled with a proper mix of basic science, clinical experience, next gen product, biomechanics and much more.

Official program will be undisclosed asap and we really want to thank the partners of the Latin American chapter for their valuable contribution o the program and for their willingness to be art of our community.

Hope this brand new program will intrigue you to the point of visiting Lima and listening at the maximum experts in the transosseous arena.

Looking forward to see you in Perù 2021.

-Transosseous Academy Organizing Secretariat-

Arthroscopic Transosseous Cuff Repair

This is the first monograph dedicated exclusively to transosseous technology and the first book supported by the Transosseous Academy.

This is the first monograph dedicated exclusively to transosseous technology and the first book supported by the Transosseous Academy.

The book covers all of the aspects from etiopathogenesis and classification to imaging, from the rationale of supporting the use of transosseous to an extensive comparison between various repair techniques.
An historical background is covered together with an updated description of the features of the most recent arthroscopic devices used to repair the cuff using a transosseous approach. In the second half of the book, surgical indications and suggested rehabilitation protocols are provided.

In the last part, economical aspects are addressed.

The authors are well recognized in the international shoulder arena and share their extensive clinical experience about transosseous. With a forward by Prof. Gigante and Dr. S. Snyder this is a must have guide for anyone wanting to know more about and adopt what is still considered the gold standard in rotator cuff repair (RCR).